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WA Gravity Enduro 2015 Series

Course Map now available

Competitor Start List for Round 4

Please carefully check your information and email if there are discrepancies.

We will not make modifications to rider information on the day, and all results will stand.

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WA Gravity Enduro part of the Inaugural MTBA National Gravity Enduro Series!


Read the following information below and register at the bottom of this page.

Update 22/05/2015:

Saturday Practice was 1300 – late, but is now capped for 3 hours only from 1300 – 1600. Any riding practice outside these times will result in disqualification.

Update 18/05/2015:

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR ROUND 4 AT THE GOAT FARM: MTBA is recognising Gravity Enduro as a legitimate racing format which is great for the sport, and as such, we are in a year of transition in terms of regulations and equipment.

The MTBA National Series is running in unison with our State round on June 14th at the Goat Farm.

The MTBA National Series requires a MANDATORY fullface helmet, whereas our State round only requires an open-face helmet (this is due to the transition phase of bringing in fullface helmets for 2016).

If you are wearing a fullface helmet, your race earns points for both the MTBA National Round Series and the WA Gravity Enduro Series. You are eligible for all MTBA podium places on the day and MTBA prizemoney.

If you are not wearing a fullface helmet, you are only racing as a part of WA Gravity Enduro and your points will be allocated to this series after the event.

This is a very generous arrangement by MTBA as we all make the transition in 2015.

WA Gravity Enduro has requested this of MTBA to enable all current riders to take part in the event, as we understand fullface helmets are costly and should help alleviate an immediate purchase for this round.

With Golden Grove behind us and a tough Balingup finale round, we strongly advise that a fullface helmet be eventually purchased as its great to have the optional equipment to choose from.

Fullface helmets will be mandatory for all MTBA Gravity Enduro races in 2016.

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Goat Farm

Round 4

Part of the MTBA Gravity Enduro Series!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Course Map


Race Information

Thursday, 11th June

  • course volunteers will be on the course bunting and preparing.
  • strictly no practise permitted. Anyone rider on the course who is participating in the event will be instantly disqualified.

Friday, 12th June

  • course volunteers will be on the course bunting and preparing.
  • strictly no practise permitted. Anyone rider on the course who is participating in the event will be instantly disqualified.

Saturday, 13th June

  • 0600 – 1300: volunteers will be on the course bunting and preparing until 1pm.
  • 0600 – 1300: course walking and inspection (note that the entire course may not be complete).
  • strictly no practise permitted before 1pm. Anyone riding the course will be instantly disqualified.
  • 1300 – 1600: participants are free to ride and practise.

Sunday, 14th June – RACEDAY

  • 0600 – 0900: volunteers on course checking bunting. Report any problems immediately to a marshal.
  • 0900 – race village open for registration
  • 1030 – RACE BRIEFING. Failure to attend the race briefing may result in disqualification.
  • ~1430 – Presentations


MTBA National Series Rules Apply

All the usual WA Gravity Enduro rules apply. As this is a National Round, some new rules are in place and strictly enforced. Please carefully note the following:

  1. Categories include:
    1. Junior Male 15 – 18 (not eligible for MTBA prize money)
    2. Junior Female 15 – 18 (not eligible for MTBA prize money)
    3. Elite Male 19 – 29
    4. Elite Female 19 – 29
    5. Master 30+ Male (not eligible for MTBA prize money)
    6. Master 30+ Female (not eligible for MTBA prize money)

WA Gravity Enduro will re-allocate you to your WAGE category and apply points to its series following the event.

2. Not obeying course bunting / course cutting: Disqualification

3. Environmental Disrespect: 1 minute penalty to Disqualification

4. Training outside official times: Disqualification

5. Changing course bunting: 5 minutes to Disqualification

6. Disposal of goggle tear-off on course: Disqualification

It is expected that riders participating in the MTBA Gravity Enduro National Series will continue to participate in a way that places the safety of riders above other considerations. As such, no person should ever feel penalised or discouraged from stopping to assist another injured rider.

Any rider who comes across an injured rider must stop to render assistance, unless directly indicated by the injured rider that they do not require assistance. They should instruct the next rider to pass to notify the next marshal point of the incident, location and perceived severity.

All riders who stop to render assistance will be given the opportunity to re-start their timed run of that stage.



  • gravity enduro race format, timing your descents over multiple stages, with relaxed, social climbs
  • race village showcasing local business products and services
  • Awesome spot prizes, round prizes and series prizes thanks to CHAIN REACTION CYCLES
  • Bunted and signed course with spectator opportunities
  • Paramedics and mandatory insurance cover on entry
  • Places are limited to ensure management of facility and race
  • A safe riding environment and heaps of fun! LEAVE NO TRACE!! Look after the environment that we are privileged to ride in.


Head to our race rules page for further information regarding equipment.

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