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Premium Registrations (close Tue midnight before event)








Premium Registrations include a light lunch on raceday
Personalised Raceplate

Late Registrations (close Fri 9pm before event)








No light lunch or personalised raceplate
$15 late fee applies

3:30pm 14th June 20018

UPDATE: We are still doing our best to find any other backed up data to include in individual competitor’s stage times. There are clearly some stage times that exceed the normal stage times eg 30minutes+ or – which is simply a case of a rider returning to a stage or passing the finish first before the start (caused by WAGE moving timing beacon’s while trying to uncover the problem). Only individual riders will know how they were racing a stage – training with mates, cruising down enjoying the mud or actually racing. As such, the integrity of any overall results cannot be validated and we cannot draw conclusions from these stage times to assess overall winners – whether or not all stages were completed in individual categories. We are very disappointed with not having complete results from the weekend and sincerely apologise. We know some competitor’s were just happy to get out there in the mud with mates and enjoy the trails, and we know some competitor’s are very disappointed having trained and competed and not have results to reflect this. Needless to say, many lessons have been learned and we are busy preparing new procedures and implementing new technology to ensure the timing issue is not repeated, to improve communication with our volunteers and the improve communication with our riders. It is challenging to contact 300+ people across a large area but we feel after initial investigation and the use of mobile connectivity, this is possible. We are also investigating new ways we can more quickly get results back to Race Village so when a future problem arises, it can be addressed quickly. Over the 30 events WA Gravity Enduro has created, we can easily say every event has had a challenge or problem and it is never smooth sailing behind the scenes, but the goal is to ensure it doesn’t impact upon your Mountain Biking Experiences. The timing did impact upon your race at Pemberton and again, we are truly sorry.

We were pleased to be able to donate $1,200 to the Pemberton Mountain Bike Park on behalf of the competitors and donate more than $2,000 to Rock n Roll Mountain Biking who in-turn prepared competitors with a delicious meal. The great support offered by all competitors and spectators has also been a tremendous boost to the townsite of Pemberton which has been under pressure recently following State Government decisions. We are sure Pemberton was the greatest winner of this event.

We still have plenty on offer for 2018, including the new location at Dunsborough, the National Round and the secret final round 7. Regarding series points, we feel we have a good idea to overcome this and that idea is currently being tested and we will get back to you with a solution soon.

Regards, Steve.

Welcome to Round 4 of the 2018 WA Gravity Enduro Series!

We return once again to the deep south west surrounded by majestic Karri Trees and home to the hero dirt that is Pemberton Mountain Bike Park. Pemberton, raining 1 day and drizzling the next. However, throughout our previous  4 years of racing there, its been anything but wet – so with that in mind, we expect a drenching!

There is usually plenty of accommodation nearby in local caravan and camping parks which are on the doorstep to the trails – expect your mountain biking appetite to be very well fed in Pemberton.


RESERVATIONS FOR JARRAH JACKS NOW CLOSED BUT YOU CAN STILL RACE AND COME TO DINNER WITH US! (set menu and set menu prize no longer available for late competitors).

Saturday afternoon Gloucester Tree enduro stage for just $5 followed by dinner at Jarrah Jacks, Pemberton for just $40! The winner of each category gets their 3-Course Set Menu for free!*


Gloucester Tree Shred for Bread

One of the longest descents anywhere in WA at 2.4km and descending 95m!

1-attempt only

Open 2pm – 3pm

Just $5!

Parking is very limited so please either ride or drive to the Gloucester Tree. Please respect other public users within the area. Elite competitors – its in your best interest to have a go 😉

Jarrah Jacks


Jarrah Jacks has prepared a special 3-Course Meal for only $40 for this event! You are welcome to just race and not attend dinner – please use the form. Please take your seat at Jarrah Jacks at 6pm.

Soup in a Cup with croutons
Garlic Bread

Braised Beef Mushroom and Red Wine Pot Pie served with seasonal greens
Fish and Chips with salad
Chicken Parmigiana with mash & salad

Sticky Date Pudding with whipped cream
Fresh Fruit Salad with vanilla ice cream


WA Gravity Enduro

Winner of each of the 2018 WAGE categories wins their $40 Set Course! All WAGE competitors will be racing their current category.

Minimum 5 competitors per category. If less than 5 competitors in a category, they will be moved into the next more challenging category.

eg. 3 x U15’s will move into U17 (and if still not 5 competitors, this ‘up-categorising’ continues until a minimum of 5 competitors in a category are reached), 1 x Super Masters 50+ will move to Masters 40 – 49. Rules subject to change at the discretion of WA Gravity Enduro to ensure a fun and fair approach. WA Gravity Enduro has the right to cancel this event due to unforseen circumstances, severe weather, act of God, act of WAGE, OTB’s, lack of interest etc

Jarrah Jacks Brewery

64 Kemp Road, Pemberton – PO Box 417 Pemberton WA 6260 | Phone: 08 9776 1333 | Email: | Web:
Forest Den Pty Ltd ACN 613993212 as trustee for the Forest Den Estate Trust trading as Jarrah Jacks Brewery

This is a licensed restaurant. You are required to pay for your Set Course and anything extra following your dining experience to Jarrah Jacks. Full results and the winner of each category will be announced at the restaurant. WA Gravity Enduro will cover your $40 Set Menu Course only. WA Gravity Enduro has the right to give Jarrah Jacks Brewery your contact details should you fail to arrive after confirming your reservation.

Please direct any food requirements, restaurant information etc to Jarrah Jacks Brewery.

Race Date

Sunday, 10th June 2018

unofficial practice Sat, 9th June

Race Location

Pemberton MTB Park


Race Briefing

Giant Whippets Sun 8:15am

Main Event Sun 10:15am

Race Start

Giant Whippets Sun 8:30am

Main Event Sun 10:30am

Race Finish

Giant Whippets Sun 10:30am

Main Event Sun 1:30pm


Giant Whippets following their race

Main Event est 2:00pm

Latest Event Information

06/06/2018 Competitor Start List now available. If there any discrepancies, email immediately.

04/06/2018 Course Map now available! High resolution available here

03/06/2018 Registrations for Jarrah Jack’s close tonight at 10pm!

23/05/2018 Open face style helmets are permitted for this event, although we strongly recommend fullface! If you chose to wear an Australian Standards open face helmet, you must sign the additional waiver on the day and available here

21/05/2018 Added details regarding the ‘Shred for Bread’ to the top of this page

08/03/2018 Registrations are now open! We have teamed up with the highly rated EventPlus to make an easier registration process for you. Families and sponsored riders will benefit greatly from the change with the ability to add competitors from the same account – no more additional emails! For individual competitors, its all smooth sailing. Additionally, your age is fixed to your racing category and registrations and categories will be published on the event page for easier viewing confirmation. We hope you enjoy this substantial change to the registration process and ALL events are currently open!

06/08/2018 Not currently open. We are just finalising a new registration process to make it easier for all.

21/01/2018 No announcements



Event Location

Giant Whippets U13

In 2018, Giant are sponsoring our littlest competitors at the event.

At Pemberton, U13’s will be racing 3 stages on Sunday morning. Competitors may be shuttled to the start (to be confirmed) but will then complete the race under their own power. Presentations will commence approximately 30mins after the final competitor has finished his/her final stage. Thanks to Rock n Roll Mountain Biking, our U13’s will be well-looked after by professional Mountain Biking leaders.

Course Map

When the time is right, the course map will be made available. We release the Course Map at a time to limit sneaky practice before the event to keep everyone on a level playing field. For events at private locations, we will release as soon as possible. For events in public MTB areas, we usually release the Course Map on the Monday before the event weekend.

As usual, the Course Map is the intended race course, but is always subject to changing trail conditions, people flying over-the-bar’s, Act’s of God, Act’s of WAGE and peagravel density (or lack there of).

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

Another spectacular location for Mountain Biking, Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is just a stroll from the Pemberton Caravan Park and Town Centre. This is a fantastic weekend away for most competitors and their friends and families with a solid weekend of Mountain Biking available.

We are looking to mix-it-up with an exciting development in the works for Saturday (stay tuned) with some epic racing underway on Sunday. Nestled among Karri Trees, this really is a spectacular Park with fluffy loamy soil, some tricky rock gardens and some fast descents.

We really hope to return here in 2019 pending State Government decisions…so make sure you head to this event and support Pemberton!

Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike Race

Multi-stage race. Timed descents and untimed climbs

Sign-posted and bunted course

Don’t cheat yourself or your mates – stay on track

St John Ambulance on-site

Professional Medical Assistance available


Portable or connected nearby

Race Village

Great atmosphere, questions answered and supplies

Volunteers and Fund Raising

Perks for vollies and funds donated to the trails

Gift Vouchers and Prizes

Heaps of prizes ready to be won for all

Elite's and Professionals

Cold hard cash for the cream-of-the-crop

Professional Race Timing

We use the best Enduro World Series system

Hydration and Sustenance

Free water and free light meal with Prem. Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter? Easy. Just click on the ‘ENTER NOW’ button located throughtout the website. This will take you to your registration portal. If you are new to the registration portal, a one-time profile will need to be filled out. Returning competitors simply enter their email address, select their event and arrive at the Race Village on race-day to collect your timing chip and raceplate.

How much does it cost? We keep our entry fees incredibly low. Entry fees vary based on your category but start from only $29 for the Under 13’s. Insurance selection and location can slightly cary the price, but we try to stay as consistent as possible.

Where is the course map? Gravity Enduro is all about riding the course with little to no knowledge of the course. This helps create a more level playing field and better tests your mountain biking skills. We usually release the course map on the Monday before the weekend’s race.

Do I have to go to race briefing? Yes. Race briefing is mandatory and occurs at the race village 15 minutes before race start. It is essential that you get a full report on the course (and any potential changes), safety requirements and to ensure everyone starts the race from the same location.

Can I shuttle between stages?  No. Anyone caught doing so will be automatically disqualified.

I missed registration! We can accept late registration online and on the day plus a $15 surcharge. Places are limited and may not be possible if the event is sold out.

Can I get a refund? From the Monday at 9am before the race weekend, refunds, transfers to other competitors or credits are not possible. Before Monday 9am, yes, we can offer a full refund minus 10% administration fees. 

PLACES ARE LIMITED TO 320  (exc. Giant Whippets U13).