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The Health and Safety of our Community is paramount and we aim to uphold the guidelines as setout by State and Federal Government. Our style of competitive mountain biking is naturally ‘social-spaced,’ with competitors racing individually and often spaced at 30 seconds apart, plus, based outdoors. At our events, we also adhere to further Local Government guidelines which may be in place and submit our SafeWA Covid Plans with our applications to Auscycling and Local Government. 

Please see below recent and historic announcements made in respect to COVID-19.


23rd March 2022 0058

Level 2 measures: Currently in effect for all of state



Masks are required for people aged 8 years and over (year 3 and over for schools):

  • everywhere indoors, other than in the home
  • when on public transport, in taxis and rideshare vehicles
  • at major stadiums
  • at organised public gatherings: and
  • at hospitals and residential aged care or residential disability care facilities


  • Where events and gatherings are not otherwise dealt with in the public health and safety measures, 2sqm rule and capacity limit of 500 patrons applies
  • Events with more than 500 patrons not permitted to go ahead
  • Masks required indoors and outdoors at events (unless an exception applies)

For more information, please head to


20th July 2020 0305

WA continues to operate at Phase 4 of the WA Roadmap to Recovery. Western Australians must continue to keep up physical distancing where possible and maintain good personal hygiene to better protect themselves and the general health of our community. 

All information continues to be sourced from

22nd June 2020 2300

Phase 4 of the WA Roadmap to Recovery will be activated this Saturday, 27th June! We are very excited as we get back to Enduro Racing in practically the same way before COVID-19. However, we will still be vigilant and will have a hand sanitising station made readily available and encourage those with flu-like symptoms to please refrain from attending and transfer your entry to another 2020 event. York is set to roll, taking place on July 12th 2020. As usual, entries are limited to due to the number of wristbands available and to ensure a manageable a quality enduro experience for our competitors. Can’t wait to see you all very soon!

2nd June 2020 0015

Phase 3 of the WA COVID Road to Recovery will be implemented on the 6th June. It is a large step in the right direction to the lifting of COVID Restrictions placed on gathering sizes. Gathering sizes for sporting events will be 100 people per divided space and a maximum of 300 people to a venue. This will allow us to largely get our races back to ‘COVID-normal.’ 

Our Phase 3 COVID Compliance will be administered in the following manner (subject to change):

1) The Race Village will be clearly designated with yellow and black bunting and will be limited to 100 people.

2) Entrance to the Race Village will be through one point only where a marshal will monitor the capacity number and observe physical conditions of attendees. The Marshal has the right and duty to deny any person to the Race Village showing symptoms of ill-health.

3) Upon entry to the Race Village, we ask that you use the hand sanitiser station.

4) If you are unwell, please do not attend and seek medical advice. Refunds are offered to competitors who are unwell (minus 10% processing and admin fees).

5) Maintain 1.5m physical distance at all times.

6) Competitor racing will be staggered by time and location to a maximum of 200 competitors on course leaving a balance of 100 people including event crew and spectators at any given time.

7) Competitors must adhere to a minimum 30 second gap at the stage start and maintain a minimum 1.5m from one another when queuing. No competitor ‘training’ (closely following another competitor) is permitted, unless a Member of the same family or guardian of a Whippet.

8) Where shuttle buses are in use, the same 100 people must use the same bus throughout the same day. Shuttle buses will be routinely cleaned. Wristbands will be applied to people to match with their bus. For example, a person with a green wristband cannot get on a yellow identified bus.

9) All competitor details are collected upon registration. Contact information will be supplied to the WA Health Department upon request of the Department.

10) WA Gravity Enduro Event Crew reserve the right to request anyone to leave the venue if ill-health is observed or non-compliance of COVIDSafe Guidelines.

21st May 2020 1335

Having now entered Phase 2 of the WA COVID Road to Recovery and with 0 new cases of COVID-19 in Western Australia for an extended period of time, it seems likely that Phase 3 will be entered earlier than predicted – perhaps around the 8th June 2020. Although this is echoed by the State Premier, this is still an approximated time. We may see a further relaxation of gathering sizes which is great for Mountain Biking events, as it will allow us to restart the series as hoped for. However, it won’t be business as usual.

There will be changes to the way the events operate in the foreseeable future primarily including a need to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m, ensure excellent hygiene and to not attend the event if you are feeling unwell. These measures will help to limit the spread of COVID-19 which may be in the Community.

The events will now have a water-free sanitising handwash station which must be used upon entry. The race village area will also be bunted in red/white tape and COVID signage will be in place. 

Depending on participation levels and the final gathering size of Phase 3, we will likely stagger the event into groups/categories to maintain the gathering size limit (similar to how we already operate The Pines and Dunsborough). We will aim to have all racing taking place on the Sunday. As we know many participants enter late on Tuesday when premium registrations close, we will publish the category start times as soon as possible on the following Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support and we can’t wait to see you soon and get back into it!

18th April 2020 1530

Please note the Linga Longa round 4 scheduled for the 26th April will unfortunately not proceed next weekend due to the current Government restrictions regarding COVID-19. We have finalised a new 2020 clendae which will be released next week. All existing venue entries are automatically transferred to the next venue time. If the next time is not suitable, please email us to receive a full refund. Please stay healthy and safe. Regards, Steve.


25th March 2020 0900

WA Gravity Enduro Series is planning to continue as best as possible. However, the next round Three at York has been postponed until the 12th July 2020. Round Four at Linga Longa on the 26th April is still scheduled and we will remain optimistic – although it is very unlikely to go ahead with the revised Federal Government restrictions as of 24th March 2020. All existing entries to York will be transferred to 12th July 2020. If you cannot attend the revised date, please email for a full refund. Stay safe, Steve.

19th March 2020 0700

WA Gravity Enduro Series is planning to continue at this stage, following Federal and State Government advice that events less than 500 people are still permitted, and on the condition that we still have Local Government support and essential Health Services (St John Personnel). The current situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is very volatile and may change at anytime. Please note when entering events, you are welcome to transfer to any 2020 Series Round or refund should the event be cancelled or postponed due to a significant change in this situation, or if attendance levels fall to a point which is not financially possible.

At this point, please note the following for all events going forward:

  • race village size may be limited to 100 people at any single time. Maintain a 1.5m buffer from all people at all time wherever possible.
  • categories will be split (as per normal) to reduce queue times and to limit the number of people in the area at any given time
  • presentations may be postponed (depends on size of event) or limited to only the category winners and immediate family
  • full race briefing will be done online with a short briefing before the category races
  • A hand wash station will be made readily available. All on-site toilets (as hired through Coates Hire) have hand-wash basins inside.
  • Race timing: Head Time Keeper will place your timing chip on counter for competitor to collect. Competitor must download their own timing chip, clean timing chip in front of Time Keeper and place in box.
  • Anyone who is unwell at anytime MUST NOT attend. Any competitor who is unwell is permitted a refund or transfer to another round.
  • There will be no food option or coffee van available for this event.
  • Additional rule of entry: if you have a pre-existing health condition or develop flu-like symptoms at anytime, do not attend and we will transfer your entry to another round
  • Additional rule of entry: No shaking hands, hugging or kissing each other upon arrival.
  • Additional rule of entry: if you come in contact with anyone who has been out of Australia 14 days prior to the event, please do not attend.
  • Additional rule of entry: no spitting and maintain excellent hygiene at all times. Always wash hands. Always cover a cough or sneeze into your arm.
  • Additional rule of entry: maintain 1.5m buffer from all other people at all time wherever possible.
  • Additional rule of entry: do not come in contact with any other person unless required to do so for safety (eg injury).