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race weekend

We have booked and paid for facilities covering the whole weekend as approved by Auscycling, government organisations and local Shires. We kindly ask riders who are not taking part in the race event to keep clear and give way to all competitors practicing for the event – who have paid for event setup, facilities and timing services.


New competitors for the Series/year can collect their raceplates on Saturday or Sunday. If you are a returning Competitor in the Series, please bring your raceplate. 

Secure and protect your raceplate and handlebar by purchasing our Enduro Pro Raceplates.

Fullface helmet

Unless explicitly stated at particular event, a fullface helmet must be worn during the special stage (timed descent). Helmets with detachable chin-guards are permitted, but the chin-guard must be engaged during the timed descent.

Shadow riders should also wear a fullface helmet for their own safety and to represent high safety standards particularly for our junior competitors.


Delivering the biggest and best mountain biking experience in Western Australia comes at a cost. Competitor category selection determines prices which range from $35 for Whippets (U9-U13) to $80 for 18+. During registration, these prices will be confirmed prior to payment. This allows us to cover all administration costs, significant course setup time and costs, professional services including photography, videography, insurances and applications, medical services, timing services, prizes, facilities including toilets and handwash stations and additional purpose-built equipment, food for competitors (when available), site hire and donations and fundraising for local trails, trail advocacy and construction etc etc Your entry goes a long way to improving and supporting the mountain biking community and businesses in Western Australia!


Insurance is mandatory at all events. We are affiliated with Auscycling who sanction our events which approves our insurance. Competitors must have Auscycling insurance to practise and compete. We strongly encourage competitors obtain an Auscycling All discpline Offroad Yearly Membership – especially if racing multiple events throughout the year. Head to our ‘How to Enter’ page for more information.

photography and videography

We have professional photography and videography services at all events. All competitors, spectators and event crew accept images may be collected of you, published online and used for marketing WA Gravity Enduro. If you would not like your images collected or published, you must contact the photographer or videographer on site and email WA Gravity Enduro.


We take your privacy extremely seriously. As a part of entry and for insurance purposes, Auscycling will be the only entity we disclose your information to. Additionally, your contact details may be disclosed to Event Health services as a result of incident. More on privacy.