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Course Grading

With new competitors every year and every round, we have adopted the Enduro World Series Course Grading information to give competitors a better understanding of what to expect at event event.

Its important to note that these grading are indicative only and are based on what a Full Enduro Course Competitor may expect. Other categories can expect and easier, less challenging course.

We also design event courses based on categories. For example, an Under 9 competitor will tackle 2 or 3 stages of the easiest stage at a venue, whereas a Full Enduro competitor must complete all stages.

Furthermore, technical trail features (TTF’s) accommodate an ‘A’ Line (fastest but more challenging path) and a ‘B’ Line (slowest but easiest path). We encourage all competitors to ride the trails to their skillset and the conditions on the day, which can change rapidly based on weather and course condition.

We always encourage competitors to attend practise, particularly if they are not familiar with a course. If at anytime a competitor is genuinely not comfortable with riding the stages offered, they are welcome to a refund or transfer.

This information below is thanks to the Enduro World Series and has been adapted for Western Australia conditions.


ONE Grade – TWO Components

THE COLOURS signify the technical difficulty of the trails used at the event, just like a trail marker or ski piste.

THE BARS signify the physical difficulty in climbing or distance.