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Premium Registrations include a light lunch on raceday
Personalised Raceplate
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No light lunch or personalised raceplate$15 late fee applies

Welcome to Round 3 of the 2018 WA Gravity Enduro Series!

The Goat Farm is a challenging enduro location with plenty going on keeping you totally engaged during each stage. This event is not only Round 3, but also the WA Gravity Enduro State Championships. As usual, open to all!

There is no time to blink as once you have finished dancing around a natural feature, you are thrown into a double or a step-down or a table-top or a switch-back or a rock-garden or a…well, you get the picture.

Be prepared for some steep climbs back up to the heavens with some sweeping views of Perth CBD and feel like you are eyeballing some 747’s suffering some sweet turbulence off the Darling Scarp.

A shandy or two after this event will be very worthwhile ?

This event was originally scheduled to be at Kalamunda but due to an unknown timeframe with a prescribed bushire burn at Kalamunda, we felt it best to change the location to avoid any potential event cancellation.

Race Date

Sunday, 6th May 2018

Official practice Sat, 5th May

Race Location

The Goat Farm MTB Park

Greenmount, Perth

Race Briefing

Giant Whippets Sun 8:15am

Main Event Sun 10:15am

Race Start

Giant Whippets Sun 8:30am

Main Event Sun 10:30am

Race Finish

Giant Whippets 10:30am

Main Event 1:30pm


Giant Whippets est 11:00am

Main Event est 2:00pm

Latest Event Information

02/05/2018 Competitor Start List now available! If there are any discrepancies, email immediately

01/05/2018 Course Map Released! High Resolution Version Available Here

23/04/2018 We are once again excited to host Round 3 of the Chain Reaction Cycles WA Gravity Enduro Series alongside the 2018 WA Gravity Enduro State Championships! Just sign up the normal way through our event page and select your normal WAGE category. We will then assign you the WA GE State Championships equivalent and publish them soon.
WA Gravity Enduro Series points will apply and as usual, presentations will cover both Round 3 and the State Championships.
Official practice is open on Saturday May 5th with the race underway on Sunday, May 6th.
The Goat Farm always presents a lively Enduro event for competitors and heaps of vantage points for spectators on the tight course.
Only 8 days left to register and as normal, entries are limited!

09/04/2018 Due to the unknown timeframe of a prescribed bushfire burn on the Mt Gunjin trails, we are forced to switch the locations of Kalamunda and the Goat Farm. As these trail networks are close to each other within the Perth Metropolitan area, we felt this was the best approach to switch these locations. However, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We wanted to keep you all guessing in 2018 and this is our very-own curveball!

21/01/2018 No announcements

Event Location

Goat Farm

Giant Whippets U13

In 2018, Giant are sponsoring our littlest competitors at the event.

U13’s will be racing 2 stages at the Goat Farm on raceday Sunday.

Competitors will need to complete the course under their own power. Presentations will commence approximately 20mins after the final competitor has finished his/her final stage. Thanks to Rock n Roll Mountain Biking, our U13’s will be well-looked after by professional Mountain Biking leaders.

Course Map

When the time is right, the course map will be made available. We release the Course Map at a time to limit sneaky practice before the event to keep everyone on a level playing field.

For events at private locations, we will release as soon as possible. For events in public MTB areas, we usually release the Course Map on the Monday before the event weekend.

As usual, the Course Map is the intended race course, but is always subject to changing trail conditions, people flying over-the-bar’s, Act’s of God, Act’s of WAGE and peagravel density (or lack there of).

Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park

The Goat Farm has given us torrential rain to wind to warm peaceful days. With views back to the City, the Goat Farm has so many trail options that planning and bunting can be difficult at times, but nevertheless, it is a course that demands a competitors full attention.

The Goat Farm has excellent viewing locations for spectators who can setup the deck chair and watch all the carnage unfold throughout the day.

Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike Race

Multi-stage race. Timed descents and untimed climbs

Sign-posted and bunted course

Don’t cheat yourself or your mates – stay on track

St John Ambulance on-site

Professional Medical Assistance available


Portable or connected nearby

Race Village

Great atmosphere, questions answered and supplies

Volunteers and Fund Raising

Perks for vollies and funds donated to the trails

Gift Vouchers and Prizes

Heaps of prizes ready to be won for all

Elite's and Professionals

Cold hard cash for the cream-of-the-crop

Professional Race Timing

We use the best Enduro World Series system

Hydration and Sustenance

Free water and free light meal with Prem. Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter? Easy. Just click on the ‘ENTER NOW’ button located throughtout the website. This will take you to your registration portal. If you are new to the registration portal, a one-time profile will need to be filled out. Returning competitors simply enter their email address, select their event and arrive at the Race Village on race-day to collect your timing chip and raceplate.

How much does it cost? We keep our entry fees incredibly low. Entry fees vary based on your category but start from only $29 for the Under 13’s. Insurance selection and location can slightly cary the price, but we try to stay as consistent as possible.

Where is the course map? Gravity Enduro is all about riding the course with little to no knowledge of the course. This helps create a more level playing field and better tests your mountain biking skills. We usually release the course map on the Monday before the weekend’s race.

Do I have to go to race briefing? Yes. Race briefing is mandatory and occurs at the race village 15 minutes before race start. It is essential that you get a full report on the course (and any potential changes), safety requirements and to ensure everyone starts the race from the same location.

Can I shuttle between stages?  No. Anyone caught doing so will be automatically disqualified.

I missed registration! We can accept late registration online and on the day plus a $15 surcharge. Places are limited and may not be possible if the event is sold out.

Can I get a refund? From the Monday at 9am before the race weekend, refunds, transfers to other competitors or credits are not possible. Before Monday 9am, yes, we can offer a full refund minus 10% administration fees. 

PLACES ARE LIMITED TO 320  (exc. Giant Whippets U13).