The Kalamunda Collective are happy to again present a major weekend of events on the Kalamunda Trails!

Enter one or many races through the registration form below.


  1. On Sunday, the Mini Classic, Australian Chainless Championships and Death Race 2000 all run at the same time so you cannot select more than 1 option.
  2. Admission to the Kalamunda Classic Film Competition on Saturday 10th September 2016 can be selected in the registration form below (more details here).

kmbx-2016-mainevent Kalamunda Classic Main Event

Saturday, 17th September 2016

  • multiple timed stages
  • overall 4hr course time limit with penalties
  • suitable for frequent weekend riders to experienced competitors
  • open-face style helmets permitted
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The main event on the Saturday is not quite gravity enduro and not quite XC. It aims to be classically Kalamunda, with the emphasis on blasting the downhills and smashing the flat sections. It will be an inclusive event and aimed at a standard for all those that love to ride the Kalamunda blue trails.

It will once again consist of timed legs which are predominantly downhill and range from 3-5km in length, the longest of any “enduro” style stage race in WA. Most of these descents have not been used in previous races and will involve “reversed” trails to keep you on your toes.

The unique event format will enable you to ride at your own pace and by your own route between individual timed stages, of which you can undertake in any order. That means you’ll decide the route, and which race tactics you want to employ!

There will be only fast times per legs and a total for all legs being recorded, but entrants must return to the start village within a set time (ie 4 hrs) or risk a rolling time penalty for every minute they are over this. Professional timing will be provided by the West Australian Gravity Enduro, and we’ll be starting and finishing the event at the picturesque Mundaring Weir Hotel.

There will be some awesome prizes up for grabs after the event. Major prize being a Fat Boy donated by Al’s Cycle Surgery.

Once again we will be opening entries to Individual and teams

Cost + MTBA Day Licence if applicable
$75 Individuals
$35 Juniors
$145 Teams
$105 Family Teams

If entering Saturday and Sunday events overall discount will be given (not including junior entries)

kmbx-2016-mini Kalamunda Classic Mini  

Sunday, 18th September 2016

  • Celebrate the completion of the Green Loops Project
  • multiple timed stages, including the Green Loop
  • suitable for casual riders and children
  • Open-face style helmets permitted
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Aimed at those who don’t think they are up to the Challenge and Kids that want to get themselves ready for the challenge in the future, this event is like the Kalamunda Classics little brother. Based out of the Camel Farm / Black Stump the event will consist of 4 stages varying in difficulty from green to light blue.

Professional timing will be provided by the West Australian Gravity Enduro.

Cost + MTBA day license if applicable
Beginner Adults – $15
Kids – $5

No discounts will be given

kmbx-2016-chainless Australian Chainless Championship

Sunday, 18th September 2016

  • The 2016 / 2017 title will be up for grabs with the winners from last year surely doing everything to defend their title. Race will be supported by Carine Cycles giving assistance with removing chains. Shuttles will be provided to return to the top of Gunjin.
  • Full face helmets mandatory.

kmbx-2016-DR2000 Death Race 2000

Sunday, 18th September 2016

  • Open to all bikes manufactured prior to the year 2000. This means no disc brakes, and maybe even some sweet rigid forks!
  • This race will be one not to miss. Run alongside the Chainless Champs, it will also consist of multiple timed runs down Gunjin with a shuttle to bring you back up.
  • Full face helmets mandatory.Some great prizes will be given out after the race thanks to Carine Cycles
  • Cost + MTBA Day License if applicable
    $60 Individuals
    $35 Juniors
Registrations now closed!


WA Gravity Enduro is proud to assist with the Kalamunda Classic 2016!