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21st May 2020 1335

Having now entered Phase 2 of the WA COVID Road to Recovery and with 0 new cases of COVID-19 in Western Australia for an extended period of time, it seems likely that Phase 3 will be entered earlier than predicted – perhaps around the 8th June 2020. Although this is echoed by the State Premier, this is still an approximated time. We may see a further relaxation of gathering sizes which is great for Mountain Biking events, as it will allow us to restart the series as hoped for. However, it won’t be business as usual.

There will be changes to the way the events operate in the foreseeable future primarily including a need to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m, ensure excellent hygiene and to not attend the event if you are feeling unwell. These measures will help to limit the spread of COVID-19 which may be in the Community.

The events will now have a water-free sanitising handwash station which must be used upon entry. The race village area will also be bunted in red/white tape and COVID signage will be in place. 

Depending on participation levels and the final gathering size of Phase 3, we will likely stagger the event into groups/categories to maintain the gathering size limit (similar to how we already operate The Pines and Dunsborough). We will aim to have all racing taking place on the Sunday. As we know many participants enter late on Tuesday when premium registrations close, we will publish the category start times as soon as possible on the following Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support and we can’t wait to see you soon and get back into it!

18th April 2020 1530

Please note the Linga Longa round 4 scheduled for the 26th April will unfortunately not proceed next weekend due to the current Government restrictions regarding COVID-19. We have finalised a new 2020 clendae which will be released next week. All existing venue entries are automatically transferred to the next venue time. If the next time is not suitable, please email us to receive a full refund. Please stay healthy and safe. Regards, Steve.

25th March 2020 – 0900

WA Gravity Enduro Series is planning to continue as best as possible. However, the next round Three at York has been postponed until the 12th July 2020. Round Four at Linga Longa on the 26th April is still scheduled and we will remain optimistic – although it is very unlikely to go ahead with the revised Federal Government restrictions as of 24th March 2020. All existing entries to York will be transferred to 12th July 2020. If you cannot attend the revised date, please email steve@wagravityenduro.org for a full refund. Stay safe, Steve.

19th March 2020 – 0700

WA Gravity Enduro Series is planning to continue at this stage, following Federal and State Government advice that events less than 500 people are still permitted, and on the condition that we still have Local Government support and essential Health Services (St John Personnel). The current situation regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is very volatile and may change at anytime. Please note when entering events, you are welcome to transfer to any 2020 Series Round or refund should the event be cancelled or postponed due to a significant change in this situation, or if attendance levels fall to a point which is not financially possible.

At this point, please note the following for all events going forward:

  • race village size may be limited to 100 people at any single time. Maintain a 1.5m buffer from all people at all time wherever possible.
  • categories will be split (as per normal) to reduce queue times and to limit the number of people in the area at any given time
  • presentations may be postponed (depends on size of event) or limited to only the category winners and immediate family
  • full race briefing will be done online with a short briefing before the category races
  • A hand wash station will be made readily available. All on-site toilets (as hired through Coates Hire) have hand-wash basins inside.
  • Race timing: Head Time Keeper will place your timing chip on counter for competitor to collect. Competitor must download their own timing chip, clean timing chip in front of Time Keeper and place in box.
  • Anyone who is unwell at anytime MUST NOT attend. Any competitor who is unwell is permitted a refund or transfer to another round.
  • There will be no food option or coffee van available for this event.
  • Additional rule of entry: if you have a pre-existing health condition or develop flu-like symptoms at anytime, do not attend and we will transfer your entry to another round
  • Additional rule of entry: No shaking hands, hugging or kissing each other upon arrival.
  • Additional rule of entry: if you come in contact with anyone who has been out of Australia 14 days prior to the event, please do not attend.
  • Additional rule of entry: no spitting and maintain excellent hygiene at all times. Always wash hands. Always cover a cough or sneeze into your arm.
  • Additional rule of entry: maintain 1.5m buffer from all other people at all time wherever possible.
  • Additional rule of entry: do not come in contact with any other person unless required to do so for safety (eg injury).


2020 calendar – VERSION 2.0

Registrations are now open – register and jump in!

2020 Leaders

Jayden Fraser

720 points 

Roly Kyme

720 points

Jordan Prochyra

700 points


Storme Green

480 points

Claire Garcia-Webb

410 points

Melanie Mothersole

410 points


Overall Series Standings

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Australia Day Weekend 2021 DreamTeam!

We are thrilled to bring you a new racing format to Western Australia with our unique curveballs to truly make this the hunt for WA’s best mountain biking team!

Set sail for Australia Day Weekend 2021, a nice long weekend for the family plus slalom racing, kids activities, shuttles and good times at the BEST Enduro course in Western Australia – yew!



1 week ago

WA Gravity Enduro

This weekend, we would be tackling the awesome raw trails of Evedon Lakeside Retreat - but just a reminder, this event has been postponed to the 13th September 2020.

As we are now in Phase 2 of the WA Road to Recovery, the COVID-19 infection rates remain very low. There has been some promising sentiment from the State Premier about a further relaxing of gathering size (Phase 3) approximately 3-4 weeks following Phase 2 (which was entered on Monday).

Its all looking very encouraging at this stage that WA Gravity Enduro racing will get underway as planned on the 12th July 2020 at Mt Brown, York 🤞🤞🤞

We will be implementing a number of measures to adhere to a COVIDSafe Event. This may mean a quieter race village but should see us sink the race-tyres into the dirt very soon 🇦🇺
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2 weeks ago

WA Gravity Enduro

Day 2 of 25 - Raising Awareness of Mental Health Challenge

Rules are simple:
- once you are nominated, your 25 day challenge starts the next day
- everyday you record yourself doing 25 pushups
- everyday (or at your desire) you should nominate another person

The aim is to build awareness for Mental Health and remind people that you are not alone and there are many services you can call if you are feeling lost.

(After this post, the challenge will be posted on the WAGE page every 5 days. Sound turned off today for your own benefit 😀 ))

My pushups are in memory of Walshy.

Today I nominate Trent Cain to try 20 pushups for 10 days 🙃
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2 weeks ago

WA Gravity Enduro

It can be a challenging time in this strange new world but we are almost there folks!
Wanting to raise awareness for PTSD and Mental Health and with the recent tragic loss of a mate far too soon, the rules are simple:
*Once you are nominated your 25 days starts the following day.
*Everyday you record yourself doing 25 push-ups even if you have to drop to your knees to get 25
*Every day you must nominate a different person.
Let's hope by doing this we can build awareness for anyone who is suffering from a mental illness, you are not alone and we are here for you.
Thanks to Andrew Saville for the nomination, and I nominate Simon Timpano - get at it!
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3 weeks ago

WA Gravity Enduro

Happy Mother's Day! 😘🥰 ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

WA Gravity Enduro

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We expect to implement timing updates throughout the races in 2020 to help spectators, event personel and competitors find out how things are unfolding during the event.

2018 results available here.


2020 promises a MASSIVE 9 rounds throughout the series, plus a NEW DREAMTEAM Enduro Event to finish off the year at Linga Longa.


We couldn’t run organised events and safe and fair racing without awesome volunteers! We love our volunteers and enjoy offering free entry and lunch anytime someone wishes to help. Course marshalling, course bunting/debunting and event assistance just some of the easy ways you can help.


Over 1,200 competitors signed up and ready to roll as soon as we open events. Head on over to EventPlus and signup to avoid disappointment when we sell-out – events are limited to 320 competitors.



WA Gravity Enduro is privileged to be creating ultimate mountain bike racing experiences in Western Australia!

We head to as many locations as possible to provide the best opportunities for everyone to participate. We donate to local trail clubs, work closely with Government and Council representatives and prioritise safety without compromising on racing excitement.

WA Gravity Enduro donate to local trail custodians, promote exciting mountain biking experiences, promote tourism opportunities and engage with State and Local Governments in finding new mountain biking opportunities.