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Terms and Conditions

Please read the Race Waiver below, that is agreed upon when you register for any WA Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike Race.

In consideration of Mountain Bike Australia Inc. (“MTBA”) accepting my participation in any individual event sanctioned by MTBA and organised by WA Gravity Enduro Pty Ltd, which may involve a significant risk of physical harm, I agree to this release of claims, waiver of liability and assumption of risk.

I accept that Mountain Biking is a hazardous experience or activity with varying surface and environmental conditions. It is different from road bicycling in that it is done on partially improved and unimproved trails and roads, as well as on naturally rugged terrain.

I am aware that mountain biking is a recreational activity which may involve, in addition to usual and inherent risks, personal injury, obvious risk, danger to myself, the possibility of injury and harm and physical exertion for which I may not be prepared, remoteness to normal medical service, weather extremes subject to sudden and unexpected change and evacuation difficulties if I am disabled.

I accept all of the inherent and obvious risks and that mountain biking is a dangerous recreational activity and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting therefrom. I acknowledge that the enjoyment and excitement of mountain biking is derived in part from the inherent risks incurred by the activity beyond the accepted safety of life at home or work and that these inherent risks contribute to such enjoyment and excitement being a reason for my participation.

I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the nature of the course and am aware of the risks to person and property inherent in this activity and certify that I am medically fit and able to take part in the event. I hereby agree to abide by any rules, directions and instructions of any race officials and their assistants. I undertake to wear an Australian Standards approved helmet at all times when racing and practising the course.

I undertake to practice the course before commencing the race, and if this is not possible, race with due regard to the knowledge that I have not examined the course.

I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors or administrators, waive all and any fights of claims which I may otherwise have against MTBA and WA Gravity Enduro Pty Ltd, and release their officers, employees, volunteers, agents, contractors, public bodies, land holders, and sponsors from any and all claims, suits, demands, expenses, costs, damages or proceedings of any nature whatsoever arising from any personal injury, death, property damage or loss of description whatsoever which I may suffer or sustain in the course or the events or consequent upon my entry or participation in them.

I hereby indemnify and hold harmless MTBA and WA Gravity Enduro Pty Ltd, their officers, agents, contractors, and sponsors from and against all claims, suits, demands, expenses, costs, actions, and proceedings of any nature whatsoever arising from any injury, loss or damage sustained by me or any injury, loss or damage suffered by any other person as a result of any act, omission, neglect or default on my part in connection with my participation in the event.

I agree that if I suffer injury MTBA and / WA Gravity Enduro Pty Ltd can, at my cost, arrange medical treatment and emergency evacuation services as MTBA and / or WA Gravity Enduro Pty Ltd deem essential for my safety. I hereby agree that I am responsible for my own medical and ambulance insurance (except to the extent provided by MTBA) and for medical and ambulance costs in the advent of an accident.

I confirm that I am aware that a professional first aid medic will be on-site during the event and should I choose to complete a training ride anytime before the race start I do that on my own risk.

I agree to allow my photograph, video, multimedia, or film likeness to be used for any legitimate purpose by the organisers, sponsors, or others.

WA Gravity Enduro, Mountain Bike Australia and any affiliated bodies may changes this waiver at anytime without notice.