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Round 2

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

Race Village at Pemberton Mountain Bike Park

Sun, 2nd Apr 2017

Race Date


Mandatory Race Briefing



Race Start



Estimated Finish


Estimated Presentations

WAGE Wippets (U13) Mandatory Race Briefing 9:30am (was 9:45am)

Premium Registrations Close








  • Closes Tuesday before event at 11:59pm
  • Free food included (if advertised)
  • Name on published start list

Late Registrations Close








  • Closes Friday before event at 9pm
  • $15 surcharge applies
  • No free food included

Pemberton Mountain Bike Park – home of the sweeping timber berms that test your commitment! The Park offers hardpack clay berms cutting through magnificent Karri Trees right next door to the Permberton Townsite, Pemberton Camp School and Caravan Park – a popular accommodation choice. The race is featured as a ‘Double Header’ with the Cross-Country race on Saturday and the Gravity Enduro race on the Sunday making a great weekend getaway to race both or spectate. The trails are short but pack a punch and this event usually brings a cool change with ample shade cover or perhaps a little dip in the Swimming Pool or nearby dam.

Event Updates


Competitor Start List now available

Email any discrepancies to


We have changed the WAGE Wippets U13 start time to 9:30am just to ensure plenty of clearance and safe racing from the main event. This should also give adults an opportunity to ride with their kids and allow time to enter the main race afterwards.


Open-face style helmets now permitted for WA Gravity Enduro, Pemberton! We strongly recommend full-face helmets especially if you have the equipment, however, MTBA have approved open-face style Australian Standards helmets for this race. An optional waiver must be signed at Check-In on raceday if you chose to race open-style helmets. Finding the right balance between inclusive racing but also safe racing is extremely important and we feel this is a fantastic outcome.

The waiver is outlined below:


Rider Liability Waiver Information for the use of open-face style helmets

WA Gravity Enduro Round 2 – Pemberton, 2nd April 2017

WA Gravity Enduro strives to implement the necessary insurance conditions to promote and prioritise safe mountain bike racing for all volunteers, marshals, organisers, spectators and competitors to the best of our ability and to reflect this, WA Gravity Enduro must now enforce full-face helmets as an extra level of safety for our competitors when racing in the Gravity Enduro format.

In addition to the [already accepted as part of entry] MTBA Event Waiver and the WA Gravity Enduro Terms and Conditions found on the website, competitors are permitted to wear their Australian Standards open-face style helmet when competing in the Gravity Enduro race format for Round 2 of the WA Gravity Enduro 2017 Series in Pemberton on the 2nd  April 2017 only.

Competitors who choose this level of safety equipment do so at their own risk as their Mountain Bike Australia insurance cover may not apply if an injury occurs as a result of facial, neck, spinal damage or similar injury.

Competitors must determine their own level of safety equipment based on their own assessed level of mountain biking skill and experience in racing.

At no time can Mountain Bike Australia, WA Gravity Enduro, sponsor, supporter, competitor, volunteer, marshal, organiser, spectator or any other affiliated person or entity be sued for damages as a result of injury if a competitor chooses to wear an open-face style helmet for Round 2 of the WA Gravity Enduro 2017 Series in Pemberton on the 2nd April 2017.



Registrations now open!


Not currently open

Flashback to Pemberton 2016


Gravity Enduro Mountain Bike Race

Descents are timed – climbs are untimed


Sign-posted and bunted

Don’t cheat yourself or your mates – stay on track


St John Ambulance on-site

Please thank these amazing volunteers



Either on-site or portable delivered


Pumping race village atmosphere

Meet here to sign in, for race briefing, food, drink and presentations



Here to keep you safe and ensure a fair race. Give ’em a high5!


Gift Vouchers and Prizes

For 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners plus spot prizes


Cold hard cash for Elite

WA Gravity Enduro giving back to our Elite competitors


Food for competitors

Usually some un-hearty sustenance!


Free hydration at the race village

Thanks to High 5 Sports Nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the course map?
Gravity Enduro is all about riding the course with little to no knowledge of the course. This helps create a more level playing field and better tests your mountain biking skills. We usually release the course map on the Monday before the weekend’s race.
Do I have to go to race briefing?
Yes. Race briefing is mandatory and occurs at the race village 15 minutes before race start. It is essential that you get a full report on the course (and any potential changes), safety requirements and to ensure everyone starts the race from the same location.
Are shuttles permitted?
Unless explicitly written and communicated, shuttles are not permitted at any time during the race. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
How does the timing system work?
You are given a wrist band that you must wear on your right wrist. You will see a ‘timing box’ at the start gate and finish gate of each stage. ‘Tag-on’ and ‘tag-off’ at these timing boxes using your wrist band – similar to the Transperth Train service tagging system. Your tag records and stores the time on each timing box. We collect these up at the conclusion of the race and run it through our custom software to generate your race times. To ensure no additional fees, return your wristband after the race. Lost wristbands will incur a $15 fee.
Can I get a refund or transfer an entry?
Less than 7 days from event – no. Refunds or transfers to other competitors or other races are not possible. Injury with a doctors note will be considered. We have booked in all necessary equipment based on your race entry at this stage. More than 7 days from event – yes. We will refund your entry (minus 10% administration fees and charges).
Missing registration cut-off!

Due to additional administration duties, a $15 surcharge is applicable for competitors who register in the Late Registration time period. Depending on the event, race day registrations may be possible but are limited and will incur a $20 late fee. Contact as soon as possible.