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Race Information

Things you need to know

Based on the mountain biking style we all love – racing your mates downhill and laughing about it on the climb back up!

It attracts many different riding skill levels, ages and bike types – anyone can do it! There is no mass rider shotgun start, no pressure to be an elite mountain climber – all that matters is having fun and bragging rights!

The key ingredients to WA Gravity Enduro are:

  • Variety – a staged timing system that incorporates a variety of trails throughout the race, each with their own timing gates
  • Atmosphere – We aim to have local bike shops and businesses at every event showcasing their products
  • Donations – putting money back into mountain biking! We want to see more trails from green to double black and everything in between
  • Safety – St John Paramedics at every race, prizes galore and food and drinks.


Mountain bikers can wear many helmets

It has progressed from a little known sport with the name of ‘mountain bicycle’ first thrown around back in 1966 apparently. Since then, ‘mountain bicycling’ has evolved into a wide range of disciplines. These disciples can be regarded as:

  • Cross Country (XC) – typically no rear suspension
  • Downhill (DH) – typically 8″+ of rear suspension
  • Freeride (FR) – typically 7″+ of rear suspension
  • Trials – typically no suspension and built light for maneuvering tricks
  • Dirt Jumping – a mix of BMX and Freeride, usually with no rear suspension
  • Single Speed (SS) – a bike with one set gear ratio
  • Four-cross (4X) – four riders competing directly with each other

…which brings us to GRAVITY ENDURO – typically 5-6″ of rear suspension travel, with riders timed down multiple stages/trails.

Originating back in 2003 (now we’re talking) in France as a motorbike enduro format, timed downhills and untimed uphills made this a more desirable race format, for both the participants and the spectators. This style has been adopted by mountain bikers as it is the perfect mix of competition, excitement, speed and endurance suited perfectly to the weekend warrior, and WA lends itself perfectly to this race format, as our vertical elevation isn’t much to be desired, but our flowing trails are perfect descent grades.

WA Gravity Enduro

Rider Responsibility

  • read the rules
  • register your attendance and collect your race-plate and RFID bracelet
  • you are a travelling marshall! If you are first on the scene to a serious injury, do not leave the person and call the race medics (phone number given on race day) or direct the next rider to get assistance immediately. If you stop to help a rider, you may repeat the stage, but see a marshal first.

Rider Irresponsibility

  • the rider with the lowest cumulative stage time among your friends is deemed the victor and retains all bragging rights until the next race. WAGE recommends that you use this power irresponsibly.

The more relaxed nature of Gravity Enduro means you can chat with your mates on the uphill untimed sections, and enjoy the social aspects of the event.

Upon completion of the race, the timed descent sections are added and the rider with the combined lowest time is hailed the winner. Victory can take many forms:

  • prizes donated from generous cycling stores
  • cash or vouchers from a major sponsor, or perhaps most importantly;
  • bragging rights on the way home.

At each event, we will aim to setup a ‘village,’ and establish a fun and friendly atmosphere. Riders will often meet here for race briefings, to enjoy stalls, shade, food and drinks and for results and presentations.