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On the hunt for warmer conditions at the Goat Farm, we return to the closet venue to Perth which offers a new mix of flow and gnarliness! Fast racing is expected in slippery dry conditions at the unforgiving Goatie. From compact machine-berms to wild and rocky sections, the Goat Farm is a popular event for competitors and spectators being so close to Perth.

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Brief Schedule


Monday, 10th April 2023

anytime Course Maps Released

Saturday, 15th April 2023

1000 – 1400 Official Practise (medics available). Practise outside this time is at own risk and event medical assistance may not be available.

Sunday, 16th April 2023

0800 Whippets start racing. Other categories start racing in a staggered format. See course map for details when available.
1400 Approx Course Closure (medics depart), presentations

Event Updates


12 Apr Start List
12 Apr Start List by category
10th Apr Parking Plan added
10th Apr Course Map Available
21st Mar Entries Now Open
4th Jan Event Page Live

Goat Farm MTB Park

Venue Location


The first WA Gravity Enduro kicked off at the Goat Farm in 2014 and we love returning to this very challenging venue. 

The venue is tightly compact and spectators have excellent opportunities to walk across an accessible firetrack watching riders cross in-front of them diving into some very challenging features.

Parking is extremely limited here. Do not block driveways on Greenmount Rise.


Technical Ability – Expert
Physical Rating – 2

This is the approximate Course Grade for the most difficult category (Full Enduro).

More information about Course Grading.

This venue is considered one of the easiest venues on the calendar and is a great introduction for new competitors and a great way to ease into a big season ahead.

Shuttles and Assistance

No shuttles are permitted during practise or racing. Failure to comply is disqualification.

It is not permitted to push, tow or assist in any way a competitor during practise, stage racing or during stage transition. Exceptions include disabled, very young or injured competitors at the sole discretion of the Commissaire.


Being a short drive from the Perth CBD, there are plenty of accommodation options nearby. Camping at the Goat Farm is not permitted.


Parking is extremely limited at the Goat Farm. We will aim to spread Sunday racing more across the day to further stagger the competitors in an effort to ease parking pressure. Additionally, we will aim to open more off-road parking areas around Race Village.

Never block driveways on Greenmount Rise. Rangers will be in force issuing fines for Parking Infringements.

As usual, carpool where possible and ride to the venue if possible. 

Parking is based on a first-come, first-served approach.



Spectators remember – racing riders always have right of way! They travel fast and collisions may result in serious injury. Friendly dogs are permitted but must be on a lead at all times.

Spectators are welcome to walk up the side of trails but please ensure you are behind course bunting at all times and at least 2m off the trail when riders are descending. Look for Spectator points indicated on the Course Map for viewing opportunities.

Always be aware of snakes and other wildlife, bring adequate hydration and wear good walking shoes. Please avoid making shortcuts through the bush and only walk on the side of the trails where it is safe to do so.

Do not bring your dog if:

– it does not like noisy, busy environments

– it barks at people and bikes

– it does not play well with others.

NEVER let your dog off lead at anytime at our events and always clean up after your dog.

The essentials:

  • Full Face Helmets Mandatory
  • Auscycling Insurance Mandatory
  • No headphones, no singlets, no thongs
  • Mechanical’s are a part of racing. Always proceed to finish the stage by taking your SIAC past the finish beacon. A competitor carrying another person’s SIAC is instant disqualification.
  • Competitors stopping to assist an injured rider are permitted a stage re-attempt, but must confirm with a marshal.

Rulebook Available here 

We aim to provide the best value Enduro Experience possible. Your entry fees cover practise, racing and services over two days.


Time required to bring together all facets of the Event.


Facebook advertising, video reels and highlights, maps, website design, signage, Instagram feeds, YouTube clips take time and fees.

Sign-posted and Bunted Course

Arriving early to setup the course. This usually involves multiple people over hours or days ensuring bunting, signage and timing equipment are in place for easy navigation and fair racing.

Event Health Services

Your Entry Fee covers St John Ambulance Services being on-site for both Saturday and Sunday. We typically employ 4 x Technicians and engage with St John months in advance


Typically, our Events exceed the venue existing facilities. Regional Services are engaged months in advance to deliver toilets. Hire costs continue to grow as Waste Management Fees continue to increase.

Race Village

It takes time to design the Race Village to enable our awesome Sponsors to arrive and setup in suitable locations to suite their needs. Careful attention to Parking, Pedestrians and Riders is needed for the safe and accessible movement of all attendees and event crew.

Applications and Insurances

Typically, several Stakeholders need to be engaged months in advance of any Event. We liaise with Local Governments, State Departments, Auscycling, Local Residents and Trail Custodians to act in the best interests of all parties while balancing a safe and exciting experience for our Community. Fees are required for Insurance and Event Applications.

Prizes, Gift Vouchers, Subsidies

At every Series round, we move $1 of your Entry Fee into our Enduro Pathway Program, donate $5 of your Entry Fee to Public Trails, offer more than $2,500 in Event Gift Vouchers to podium winners and offer $750 to our Elite Men and Women winners. We offer free entries to our Marshals, pay for professional services including multiple Photographers and Videographers and assist with fuel, food and accommodation costs for our Crew.

World's Best Timing System

Our Timing System is considered the World’s Best as used at the Enduro World Series. Yearly licensing, hardware and software upgrades are continuous. Additionally, we send our timing bands back to Germany as required for battery replacements at considerable expense.

Continued Development

Once the essential Event costs are accounted for, we continue to research new ways to improve Results, Live Broadcasts, Mobile Phone Apps, data presentation, website development, manage existing equipment and improve our systems with the aim for a better experience for Competitors, Spectators and our Crew.