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6 days ago

WA Gravity Enduro

We've got some heavy-hitters flying into the Dream Teams!

Industry Team [open] [3 competitors] [Three Chillies Trails] represented by SMYTHE, MONOTTI and BLACK.

Industry Team [open] [3 competitors] [BuyCycles Racing] featuring MICHIELSEN, IRVING and KURTHY.

We also might need to put a character limit on the Team Names...but that hasn't stopped Industry Team:
"Humble Bicycle Co Bunch Of Amateur Bike Shop Staffies Team Riding Sweet Trek Slash's And Looking Pro But Going Pretty Slow Because We Eat At The Bakery Too Often, Other Than Jayden Who Is Required To Pinnit To Improve Our Average Team Time (PS Steve You Must Not Shorten Our Team Name Please Read This Out In Full)" [4 competitors] featuring none other than DUBOIS, FRASER, HERD and HOUGH.

Dream Team 30+ [men] [6 competitors] [OTB Racing] featuring Dean GOUGH as the Team Captain with WOOD, GARRETT, MCCANN, LARKIN and MELLISH.

Plenty of other Dream Teams jumping in including Family Team [open] La Magic Dirt Familia, Dream Team 30+ [men] Chooksforthewin, Dream Team 15 - 29 [men] Hoonicorns and Dream Team U15 Carshaholics!

Can't wait to catchup with mates soon at Linga Longa Bike Park on the 31st January, having a ripper time on the trails and in the dam!

Registrations closing soon!
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2 weeks ago

WA Gravity Enduro


*On the hunt to find WA's best Enduro Team*

Work with your mates and strategise your racing to get your team's best average stage time and ultimately best average course time. We tally these up and there we have it - WA's best Enduro Teams!

Main Rules
- Full Face Helmets Mandatory
- Stage teams must consist of between 3 to 6 competitors
- Overall stage time is the average time of all riders
- Overall category winner is based on the sum of all averaged stage times (lowest cumulative time is the winner).
- Competitors must begin each stage within 30 seconds of each other teammate. Failure to comply is a 30 second penalty.

16 categories to choose from with Mixed, Men Only and Women Only categories.
- Industry Team
- Dream Team U13
- Dream Team U15
- Dream Team 15 – 29
- Dream Team 30+
- Family Team
- Ebike Team
- Easy Enduro Team

Register as an individual to create a team, join a team or be placed in a team.

We know getting your mates together can be like herding cats sometimes, so register and add 3 or more competitors to your team and receive 25% off the Team Captain's entry price!

As usual, great times at Linga Longa Bike Park with shuttles running during the race and options available on the Saturday.

Get in now for the inaugural WA Gravity Enduro Dream Team Event on 31st January 2021 - yew!!!
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2 weeks ago

WA Gravity Enduro

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