Welcome to WA Gravity Enduro!

Our dedicated team of volunteers are here to help you have fun competing in the Gravity Enduro race format in a safe and competitive environment. We want you to be able to push your own limits, be fitter and healthier, be social, enjoy the great outdoors and perhaps excel to compete on the National and International Stage. But more than likely, you are a ‘weekend warrior’ out to challenge yourself and have fun with your mates and that’s what we love to see!

To get started, you first must create a profile by signing up to WAGE using your email address (this is of course free). Your email address is an important key to your profile as all of your racing information is tied to it. If you sign up with different email addresses, your racing points will be spread across these email addresses so you want get a true representation of your racing profile. Do not use different email addresses. Contact WAGE to confirm your profile details if needed, or request a password reset.

After creating your profile, head to an event page that you wish to enter. You will see your racing details and then you can ‘add to cart.’ You must have your profile setup and you must be logged in to enter an event. Once you arrive in the checkout area, you can pay easily using PayPal or Credit Card. Our website is SSL secured to protect your Credit Card information during the transaction process. Once complete, you will receive an email with a PDF invoice. That’s it!

As an added benefit to entering events during the Premium Registration period, you will be entitled to free food following the race if you have selected the relevant options during event entry. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve food for spectators but we do our best to ensure spectator food is available if selected while minimising wastage.

For more information about the Gravity Enduro racing format, click here.